American Football Billionaire – the perfect gift for NFL fans!

American Football Billionaire – the perfect gift for NFL fans!

Last weekend I played a brand-new game called NFL American Football Billionaire! Here’s the description from the website:

Take on your friends and family to build the best all-star NFL team and compete to win the Super Bowl. Take to the gridiron as you build your ultimate Offensive or Defensive all-star team. Collecting and trading player cards in this fast moving, high stakes board game.

This officially licensed NFL game includes the full selection of real NFL teams. It is the perfect gift for American Football fans, no matter who they support!

There aren’t many NFL board games on the market, especially in the UK. So whenever I hear about one, I have to have it! 

This one launched in October 2022, so is fresh to the market, and is made by the team behind the successful series of Football Billionaire games. 

So, what exactly is the concept? Well, the aim is to become the wealthiest, most successful American Football team owner. And to be the first to make a billion! 

It’s a bit like Monopoly in that you’re trying to build your empire. Whenever you pass go, you get money – but this goes a whole level higher. Once you’ve got a full team of 11 players and a Head Coach, every time you pass ‘Kick Off’ (Go) you get to collect the face value of the team you own as well as any trophies or club cards from the bank. 

The winner of the game is the first player to become a billionaire. This includes the total value of your assets, together with your cash, and your entire squad. Obviously, there is much more to it than what I say here and that would all become clear in the rule book when you buy it yourself.

The best part is that you get to own real teams, so whether you’re a fan of the Browns or the Lions – anyone has the chance to win the Super Bowl.

My thoughts?

I really enjoyed this game, its ability to keep you on your toes was one that really made me laugh because just when you think you’re doing good and approaching near-billionaire status, you have to give up your Head Coach or let four of your best valued players go. Just like being in the league!

It’s a 2-4 player, for those 6 years old and above. My husband and I played, and we had a lot of fun with it, but we’re really looking forward to bringing friends over to play too as the more of you there are, the more competitive it becomes.

So, if you’re looking for a new game to play come Thanksgiving, over Christmas, or on any given Sunday, be sure to check out NFL American Football Billionaire. Buy yours here.

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