New Beginnings, Familiar Thrills – Diving into NFL’s Next Chapter

New Beginnings, Familiar Thrills – Diving into NFL’s Next Chapter

Welcome back to the “Cleats Off” podcast with your host, Liz Bhandari! After a brief hiatus, we’re diving helmet-first into the much-anticipated new NFL season. From the awe-inspiring triumphs of last season to the electrifying prospects of the upcoming games, we’ve got it all covered.

Discover the rising teams ready to challenge the status quo, the players set to break records, and the legendary coaches making history. Plus, get a sneak peek into what’s coming next on Cleats Off, including special features on two must-read NFL books. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just getting your feet wet in the world of American football, join us on this exhilarating journey. Touchdowns, game-changing plays, and heart-pounding moments await! 🏈🎉

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Liz Bhandari: Hello everyone, and welcome back to Cleats Off podcast. I’m your host Liz Bhandari, and this is the show that brings you closer to the game you love. First, a huge thanks for tuning back in, I’ve been on a little break since October 2021. Life got in the way with me leaving my job full time to set up my own business. But I’ve missed you guys, and I’ve genuinely missed sharing these moments with you, so what better time to jump back in than with the dawn of a new NFL season?

Liz Bhandari: So what can we expect? There are 272 games are on the horizon. That’s a ton of football. All 32 teams are gearing up with the aim of Super Bowl 58 – which by the way will be in the entertainment capital that is Las Vegas.

Liz Bhandari: Now, last season was something, wasn’t it? If that was heart-pounding, I’ve got a feeling this season will keep our pulses racing even more.

Liz Bhandari: Now, for some juicy details: Jacksonville, you guys! From a slump to a surge. And teams like Baltimore and the LA Chargers? They’ve decided they won’t be sitting on the side-lines this year. I don’t know about you, but it’s fascinating watching underdogs like these rise. And of course, who could forget the Kansas City Chiefs’ brilliant run, lifting that Super Bowl 57 trophy. For 18 seasons, no team has managed to win back-to-back. So, the big question – will the trend continue? Or will the Chief’s reign supreme?

Liz Bhandari: So, let’s talk players. Patrick Mahomes is gunning to surpass legends like Peyton Manning. Let’s face it, if anyone can do it, Mahomes has got the skill. Aaron Rodgers is right up there; he’s challenging records set by greats like Philip Rivers (which feels odd to say… but it’s true). And the rushing scene? Derrick Henry and Christian McCaffrey are in the limelight, while receivers like Justin Jefferson, Davante Adams, and Mike Evans are making waves. And if defense wins championships, then keep an eye on Nick Bosa and Micah Parsons, they both remind me of the legendary J.J. Watt.

Liz Bhandari: Now … I can’t wrap up this very quick episode without a nod to the coaches. Bill Belichick is inching closer to the illustrious 300-win club, joining legends like Don Shula. Andy Reid is making strides, potentially overtaking Tom Landry. And Mike Tomlin? Consistency is his middle name.

Liz Bhandari: So, there you have it. This season promises a mix of the familiar and the unexpected. Whether you’ve been an NFL fan for years or you’re just finding your love for the game, we’re in for a shared journey. I’ll be back shortly, with two new episodes, featuring the creators of two amazing new NFL books that would sit pretty on your shelf or coffee table, after you’ve read them of course… so keep an ear out for those landing. In fact, if you don’t already – make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. Until then… Here’s to the plays, the touchdowns, and all the thrilling moments ahead! 🏈🎉

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