How to create a Pop Funko style image using ChatGPT

How to create a Pop Funko style image using ChatGPT

You’ll have seen the trend going around on social media and wondering how people were doing it. I was one of those people for sure, but now I have it all figured out! Want to create one of your own? Here’s how:

  • Head to (if you have a premium account) or (where you can get a free account).
  • Then… create your own version of this prompt:
    Create an image of a Pop Funko figure of a white female, smiling, wearing a vintage Seattle Seahawks starter jacket, white tshirt, navy skinny jeans and Nike Air Force 1s, long brown hair. The Funko is displayed inside and outside a limited edition pink Funko box with NFLGIRLUK text, allowing visibility of the figure, typography, 3D render. dark blue background
  • Press enter – and away you go! Enjoy! Note, it isn’t working for everyone in ChatGPT but you can definitely achieve the same thing in Microsoft.

Still struggling? Tweet me @NFLGirlUK and I’ll try it for you!

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