Fantasy NFL – Week 13 … Could’ve been worse!

Fantasy NFL – Week 13 … Could’ve been worse!

It wasn’t my best week but it’s certainly wasn’t my worse! I’d completely changed it up this week and it’s safe to say there’s a few regrets. I took everyone out except for Andrew Luck (31 points) and DeMarco Murray (17 points). It put in Arian Foster as my other RB, not too bad, as he got me a nice 15 points, T.Y.Hilton and Odell Beckham as my WRs who got 21 points between them, Greg Olsen as my TE (what was I thinking!), who got me 5 points, Chandler Catanzara as my Kicker who got me 4 points (still kicking myself over not keeping Cody Parkey!), Dolphins as my Defense (8 points) and Eddie Lacy as my Wild Card who kindly got me 10 points.

Had I have stuck with my ‘old faithful’ team I think I’d have scored higher, but I can’t complain too much, I got 112 points for the week and ranked 11,518th, and am 10,804 overall in the league.

Onwards and (hopefully) upwards!

Liz Bhandari

Liz has covered the NFL for five seasons, and currently serves as Managing Editor for Ninety-Nine Yards and for her own website, Since launching the website in 2014, she has made regular appearances on the TalkSport2 ‘All American Sports Show’ with Nat Coombs and in 2016 was ranked No.37 (of 400+) in the “Super Bowl: Top 50 UK Influencers” by marketing software producers Analytica for “igniting conversations” between fans.

One thought on “Fantasy NFL – Week 13 … Could’ve been worse!

  1. I scored 129 points with :

    Andrew Luck 32 Pts

    DeMarco Murray 17 Pts
    Giovani Bernard 4 Pts

    Jeremy Maclin 10 Pts
    Golden Tate 8 Pts

    Greg Olsen 5 Pts

    Eagles Defense 14 Pts

    Cody Parkey 15 Pts

    WILD CARD Aaron Rdgers 24 Pts

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