NFL Undiscovered – Episode 2 Recap: Welcome to America

NFL Undiscovered – Episode 2 Recap: Welcome to America

Last week the trailer for NFL Undiscovered was teased to fans on Twitter and the likes by the NFLUK. NFL Undiscovered follows the journey of Moritz Böhringer, Anthony Dable, & Harry Innis, three young amateur American Footballers from Europe, on a journey to their American Dream.

All 12 ‘bite size’ episodes are available to watch on YouTube, each one is short and sweet at around 5 minutes so you can get your quick NFL fix between now and the new season. Here I take you through it, episode by episode:

NFL Undiscovered – Episode 2 Recap: Welcome to America

Harry and Anthony learn the harsh realities of training for an NFL contract as they’re introduced to Tony Villani’s XPE gym – home for many NFL pros and top draft prospects in the summer months.

In this episode, you really see Harry and Anthony put through their paces. They both begin to see how confident the other football players already are within their own domain, questioning whether or not they can compete.

Harry feels a whole new experience through the training at Boca Raton. “Everything is very technique based, very technical. So it’s been very eye-opening, in that essence.”.

Osi Umeyiora goes on to say how Harry and Anthony physically have the tools but mentally it will be draining for them. “It’s going to be so tough on them because they are going to have to catch up mentally with the speed of the NFL, know the thought processes and the play books.”

Legendary NFL players, Pierre Garcon and Anquan Boldin are training in the gym along with up-and-coming NFL prospect, Joey Bosa who is preparing for the NFL draft. With an eye on the Europeans, Joey’s already noticed the hard work Harry and Anthony are putting in. “The hours they are putting in is pretty amazing. I’ve been playing football since I was a little kid and they probably grew up playing soccer. Harry, I look over, and he’s catching balls almost every single time I look at him.”

Watch the full episode below.

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