NFL Undiscovered – Episode 3 Recap: The Harsh Realities of the NFL

NFL Undiscovered – Episode 3 Recap: The Harsh Realities of the NFL

Recently the trailer for NFL Undiscovered was teased to fans on Twitter and the likes by the NFLUK. NFL Undiscovered follows the journey of Moritz Böhringer, Anthony Dable, & Harry Innis, three young amateur American Footballers from Europe, on a journey to their American Dream.

All 12 ‘bite size’ episodes are available to watch on YouTube, each one is short and sweet at around 5 minutes so you can get your quick NFL fix between now and the new season. Here I take you through it, episode by episode:

NFL Undiscovered – Episode 3 Recap: The Harsh Realities of the NFL

With Harry and Anthony starting to settle into life training every day in Florida, they’re given a lesson in the harsh realities and cut-throat culture of the NFL. While Osi starts to think these guys could actually be part of an NFL team, so he gives his former team a call – the New York Giants.

In the NFL, you are constantly being judged on and off the field. The off-field decisions you make are just as important as those you make on the field. Harry and Anthony get to sit in a talk with Ray Hamilton, defensive line coach of Atlanta Falcons, who is giving the group the harsh realities of life in the NFL, how to conduct interviews, how to conduct themselves in the interviews.

Tony Villani, owner of XPE Gym goes on to explain the ‘star system’, “Coming out of high school, where from the time they’re 15 or 16 years old, they think they’re gonna be a professional athlete. It’s tough to keep that type of young man grounded.“

Interestingly, the NFL success rate for not being broke and playing 5 to 7 years is less than 20%. You start to see how hard our European players are working and you’re genuinely rooting for them, look at me, I just said “our Europeans”, I’m already their biggest cheerleader. Harry starts to feel now that everything is starting to come together, not just for him but for Anthony also. “We’re feeling more like football players as opposed to just guys who play football.”

Although the boys have only been in Boca Raton training for two weeks, but Harry and Anthony have put in some serious hours at the gym. Their dedication and hard work is definitely paying off. These guys are starting to look like NFL players.

Osi decides it’s time to make his move, and puts in a call to Jerry Reese, the general manager of the New York Giants to see if he was going to bring Anthony and Harry in, as Osi sees Jerry as a very good talent evaluator.

See what happens next by watching the full episode below.

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