NFL Top 5 teams Week 16 as we head towards the play-off season…

NFL Top 5 teams Week 16 as we head towards the play-off season…

It’s week 16, and we’re heading towards play-off season. Here’s who I believe are the top 5 teams in the NFL right now:

5) Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City may have surprisingly lost on Sunday in a 19-17 defeat to the Tennessee Titans but they have certainly impressed over the season which is the reason they remain in the top five. They have only lost four games so far – as have many looking to clinch that playoff space – and in an interesting statistic, in three of those losses they have allowed exactly 19 points.

If they defeat the Denver Broncos this Sunday they will clinch a playoff berth for a second straight season – and it would not be a shock if they did just that.

4) Oakland Raiders 

Haven’t they been the surprise package all season? They are officially in the playoffs for the first time since 2002 – a whopping 14 years ago. They have a first round bye firmly in their sights, directly staring at it. But that is not the only thing that would make this incredible season become even better. If they see off Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos (seems everyone has to beat the Broncos) they will reach 13 wins for the first time since 1976 – Who knew they could bang out the form when needed.

3) Seattle Seahawks

Seattle love Century Link – 7-0 at home. Unfortunately, their away record is not as desirable sitting at 2-4-1. Their last two games are against the Cardinals and 49ers. These are key matches to ensure they get the first round bye all wrapped up.  And they could start that by going 8-0 against Arizona on Christmas Eve – the last game ended in a draw so the Hawks will be focusing on going that one better. Having beaten the Rams 24-3 it has given them a new burst of confidence.

2) New England Patriots

Patriots already have a first round bye in the playoffs – that is just how good they are. 12-2 – people are starting to think it will be a Patriots-Cowboys Super bowl and it could well be. They have only allowed 16.6 points per game which of course is the best in the NFL. The offence? Well, nothing short of impeccable. They have averaged 117 rushing yards per game this season! Seventh overall. Seeing off the New York Jets should be no problem for them – considering how tough a season they have had. Tom Brady once again is showing his calibre of style and technique and is sure to continue that in the playoffs.

1) Dallas Cowboys

Only one team pipped the Patriots to the top-spot and that is the Dallas Cowboys. The could, should and would team for the past few years are finally marking their ultimate dominance. Dak Prescott is giving Tom Brady a run for his money with 32-of-36 successful passes in their 26-20 win over Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has fended off a Tony Romo push and showed his brilliance in the match on Monday night in Texas. He has the power to deliver even more damage against the Detroit Lions who have only managed a 72.8 completion percentage. The Lions have also done well this year but it will probably not be enough to stop the onrushing Cowboy train.

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