NFL Top 5 Teams Week 17

NFL Top 5 Teams Week 17

5) Atlanta Falcons

No one is taking them seriously and we are asking the question why as they are serious Superbowl threat. They currently sit with a record of 10-5. Falcons are in pole position to seal the NFC number 2 spot and a first-week bye. Hello? Incredible stuff from a team who have certainly been overlooked. The easily saw off the Carolina Panthers 33-16 and now take on the New Orleans Saints on New Year’s Day. Wouldn’t it be great if someone completely unexpected took that Bowl crown? Their defensive has also improved and what a time to do it just before playoff season.

4) Pittsburgh Steelers

I’ve have always had a soft spot for them. Antonio Brown’s slick moves this season have been a joy to watch. Also sitting at 10-5, their 31-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens served as a timely reminder to the AFC – no matter how much it looks as though their offensive is struggling they are definitely not. Head Coach Mike Tomlin has worked wonders with this team and their last match is up against a team with a 1-14 record, the Cleveland Browns. But could they be the team that have the best chances to knock the New England Patriots off their top perch? They might be with that different version of an offense.

3) Kansas City Chiefs

They are still in the top five – although my beloved Seahawks had to drop out of the top spots this week due to their shocking display against the Arizona Cardinals. Oakland Raiders threw some shade their way this week but did that knock the Chiefs? Not likely. They beat the defending champions the Denver Broncos 33-10. And they can take the AFC West title if they defeat the San Diego Chargers – who I may add were defeated by the Browns this week. Raiders need to lose at Denver and the Chiefs need to make sure they keep it going in the postseason if they want to pose a real threat.

This week I am going to do something a little different as I can no longer spilt the difference between first and second.

New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys take the top two.

Is that really any surprise? Detroit Lions had a good season but this was completely derailed when they met the Cowboys who won 41-21 at home. Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota both received injuries but did this stop their progression? No. The Cowboys need to take it easy in their final game but it made sense to start their normal players with the Philadelphia Eagles a game that does not mean much with the NFC number one seed already locked in.

And the Patriots. They have been brilliant all season. Tom Brady is back to being, well Tom Brady, and they do not want to repeat last year when they didn’t make it to the final. The Patriots need to defeat the Miami Dolphins to secure home-field advantage – what team does not want home-field advantage?  The Dolphins won’t be run over but can I see the Patriots losing? Not likely. Top seed status is incoming for New England.



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